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August 31, 2015
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August 31, 2015
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Things happen that you don’t like

Throughout life there will be things that happen that we
don’t like, are not happy with and would prefer to have never
happened or never have taken place.

When we think about them, they not only upset us, they make
us feel bad, we can get angry, frustrated and worst of all, we block
our power. We prevent our subconscious mind from helping us
create and enjoy a better, more fulfilling and happy life.

We need to let go of these bad memories, let go of
the negative experiences and unleash our subconscious
power so that it can help us live the kind of life we want to live.

Today I show you how to let go of those past negative memories
and experiences so that your subconscious can help you enjoy
a better, happier life…
Those bad memories and negative events tend to linger
in  your mind, they come up unexpectedly, and before you know it
they consume you. You keep thinking about them, your stomach
turns, you get upset, you get angry

Maybe you think about what someone did, or something that
happened that you didn’t like, didn’t want to happen or something
that just didn’t work out for you.

You feel like somebody took something away from you you, or
you were cheated, or denied what you think was the perfect opportunity.

Then you doubt yourself, you doubt your power, you keep thinking
about things and that’s when things go from bad to worse.

Before you know it  your mind gets filled with negative thoughts
You keep hanging on, thinking about it over and over again and you
attract more and more negative thoughts.

You can’t sleep
You want to do something but don’t know what
You just keep hanging on to those memories
You keep thinking about what happened.
The negative thoughts keep coming…
You just can’t let go…

But you CAN let go, you have to let go and you can move on
and create the kind of life you want.

You CAN stop beating yourself up
You CAN get rid of those negative thoughts

You’re only hanging on to the past, hanging on to those negative
thoughts, negative beliefs and past negative memories because
your mind doesn’t know any better.
It doesn’t have anything else to think about. It’s stuck in the
past and you have to now push it forward.

You do that by thinking about what you want now.
Think about the kind of life you want today and 5 years from now.

You want things to change
You want things to get better

And they will
As soon as you take charge of your mind and
get rid of those negative thoughts you’ll change your life

You’ll be more confident
You’ll believe in yourself
You’ll achieve all your goals
You’ll enjoy your life
You’ll make more money
You’ll be healthy,
You’ll meet the right person
You’ll grow your business
You’ll have more time

But that will only happen when you get rid of the negative thoughts and
let go of the past. You do that by thinking about what you want now,
what kind of life you want 5 years from now and by filling your mind with
new, positive thoughts

Those thoughts of worry, doubt, fear, and anger cripple you
They don’t allow you to succeed. They hold you back
Now you need to change those thoughts
Fill your mind with positive thoughts and get your subconscious
power to help you enjoy more happiness, and more success
so you live the kind of live you really want to live

When you constantly think of the past and allow those negative
thoughts to fill your mind you end up creating more negative energy
which is transferred to your subconscious mind.

This negative energy then prevents your subconscious from helping
you move forward, it prevents you from being happy and doesn’t let
you get what you want in life.

The longer you hang on to those past memories, the more you think
about what went wrong the harder it gets to move forward and you end
up confusing your subconscious power.

Your subconscious knows the present, it exists in the here and now.

When you’re constantly thinking about the past your subconscious
can’t help you. It can’t go back into the past and change things.
So it gets confused and can’t help you.

Now you can change that.

First stop thinking about the past. When you catch yourself
thinking about the past let go and move forward by thinking
about what you want now.

If any negative thoughts come up get rid of them.

Then begin working with your subconscious mind by sending
it the right messages – these messages should be positive and
focused on what you want.

The past is in the past. What happened can’t be undone no
mater how much you think about it.

Sometimes you won’t get solutions, sometimes you won’t always
understand right away why things happened or what went wrong.

Let go of the past and start living in the present, enjoy each day
and think about what kind of life you want to live now and tomorrow.

When you don’t let go you’ll allow your subconscious
to help you because you’ll give it something to work towards.
You’ll also get rid of those negative thoughts that bring you down
So today let go of the past and begin sending your subconscious
power the right messages so that you get more of what you
want in life, so that you achieve more and live the life you want to live

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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