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Think about what you want for your life

I was in the queue to pay at the supermarket, and couldn’t
avoid overhearing the conversation between
the 2 people in front of me.

At first they complained how long the lineup was.
Then they complained about how slow the cashier was.
Then they complained about how much stuff
everybody in front of them had. Then they complained
about how people didn’t have their wallets ready
when it came time to pay.

When they ran out of complaints about the store,
they started complaining about their life. One of them
complained about their sore back, the other about
how their leg was hurting. Then they complained
about work, it just went on.

They just sounded like 2 miserable people and they
had no idea just how much harder they were making
their lives.

By complaining they placed their attention and focus
on what was wrong. They looked at everything that
is currently wrong or not working in their life right now.

And by constantly looking at what is wrong, they
kept attracting more and more negativity into their lives.

The more you think about what’s wrong, the more you
think about what you don’t like, the more you look at
what you don’t have, the more you’ll complain and you’ll
just attract more negative situations.

So it wasn’t surprising to me when the 2 people in front
started complaining about everything that was wrong
physically and everything that was going wrong in their lives.

When you focus on what’s wrong in one area,
the negative energy spreads to another area, and things
start to fall apart in all areas of your life.

It only happens because you’re creating more and
more negative energy.

Sure things may not be the way you want them
to be right now.

But your current life is a result of your past thinking and
your beliefs.

Your future life, your life in the next 3 or 6 months will
be the result of your current thinking and your current
beliefs. Choose to have the right thoughts and the
right beliefs, and you’ll have a much better life in
3 or 6 months, maybe sooner
If you want to change your current situation and
change your life here’s what you can do right now.

Choose your words carefully. Pay attention to what
your saying and choose words that reflect what you want.

What you say is a reflection of what you think and believe.

So if you’re complaining or talking about what’s wrong, you’re
allowing more negative energy into your life.

Negative energy will attract more negative situations and
people into your life.

So pay attention to what you say, then change your thoughts,
say something positive, avoid complaining and change your
beliefs. Once you change your beliefs, you’ll change the
way you see things.

When you change the way you see things and choose to see
only the positive in situations, you’ll turn your life around.
You’ll enjoy more success, you’ll achieve your goals,
you’ll feel better and you’ll attract positive situations and
people into your life.

So start changing those beliefs today
Now you can get rid of the negativity and attract the positive
situations and people to help you succeed, accomplish
more and really enjoy life.
Those 2 people in front of me were so busy complaining
about everything, they didn’t see that the counter beside
them open up to help others pay quicker.
I just slid over and finished paying while they were
still complaining.

That’s what happens when you’re so focused on what’s wrong.
You miss out on opportunities that make your life easier.

When you put your energy on what you want, when you look
at the positive side of things, when you appreciate what you
have you attract more positive situations and good things
just seem to happen to you.

So today take control of your thoughts, your beliefs and
choose your words. Avoid complaining.

Instead, fill your mind up with positive thoughts, fill your
subconscious mind up with positive beliefs.
Then you’ll attract more positive situations into your life.

Sure your mind will put up resistance, especially if
you’ve been naturally negative for some time.

If your mind fights back and wants to stay negative then
you have to take control and get it to focus on what you want.
You’re in charge so take control.
You can try to figure it out on your own, or you can work with
the system I’ve put together. Your choice – if you’re ready to
put an end to the negativity in your life and turn things around then
start today ….

Choose your words
Avoid complaining
Don’t let the negativity take over.

Change your thoughts
Change your beliefs
Change how you see things and you’ll
change your life. Take charge today and
start creating the kind of life you want.
You have the power, now just use it to create
a better, more rewarding, happier and
successful life –

Wishing you tremendous success..
With love

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
Hirsch COO runs South Africa’s top independence appliance company that specialises in all appliances, electronics, furniture and bedding. They give the best deals and the best prices and everything is guaranteed.