This time it’s different

Success is…
August 31, 2015
No more settling for less
August 31, 2015
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This time it’s different

This time it’s different…

This time you succeed

You deserve to succeed
You should succeed

You want a better life

And sometimes you think maybe you can have
what you want and that you can succeed

You tell yourself: this time it’s different

So you set out to achieve your goals,
Maybe you decide to make more money
or to get that great job,
or to meet the right person
or to lose weight
or to do more and be more…

But just as you get started those doubts pop into your head

Those negative thoughts take over

You think about giving up

Instead of thinking that you can succeed,
you think you can’t…

What you want seems so far away

You think: what’s the point?

You want to give up but you want so much more
You want to enjoy your life
You want to succeed

And you should
You deserve to have all that you want

But for some reason those doubts come up
And the negative thoughts take over

You look back and you wonder
where all the years went
You work harder and harder
You make more sacrifices
You put in more time

But you’re still not getting ahead
You’re still not getting what you want

And you won’t get ahead until you
change your habits, your thoughts, your
beliefs and what’s on your subconscious

Until you apply the right strategies and take the right steps

Your subconscious is always at work
Always bringing you what you ask for
It simply follows your instructions

Now you can tell it to bring you the success you want and deserve
Follow the steps I outline and you’ll
be doing the right things at the right time
You’ll get your subconscious to create
the success you want
This time it is different
This time you get you apply the right strategies and
take the right steps –
You’ve wasted enough time doing the
same things that just don’t work.

Now you need to apply a new strategy

You need to take new and different steps
You need to give your subconscious new and
different instructions

Then you’ll see dramatic changes
You’ll get what you want
You’ll enjoy life

And the best part…

You won’t be working nearly as hard
and you won’t be working as much…

You succeed when you think and believe that you can succeed

It’s not about working harder
Or trying to find a new angle
Or waiting for that big break

Success is simple when you have
your subconscious mind programmed to bring
you success.

There was a time when I thought
if I just worked harder and put in
more hours I’d have greater success

I tried for years but it only led to more frustration,
more fatigue and no success

Then I changed my approach
Changed the way I saw things
Changed my beliefs
And changed what was on my subconscious mind

That’s when my life changed
I just follow the steps that lead to success
Now I’m sharing them with you
Because you can succeed

Wishing you tremendous success…

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
Hirsch COO runs South Africa’s top independence appliance company that specialises in all appliances, electronics, furniture and bedding. They give the best deals and the best prices and everything is guaranteed.