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Time for change

Do you know it’s time for a change?

Maybe you knowits time to start making more money, but you don’t
know how.

Or you are at a job you know is draining your energy
and sucking the life out of you. It’s even possible that
there are two great opportunities in front of you, and you
just don’t know which one to choose.

Many people have a hard time making decisions, and
it’s one of the most common topics I work with my clients on.

It’s important to know that all of your thoughts and
actions have lead you to the place where you are

Even if where you currently are is uncomfortable,
chaotic, or doesn’t feel good, you have the power
to make a new choice.

Decision making is one of those important skills
that most people don’t learn much about from their
parents or take a class on in school.

Many people simply make decisions based on their
own personal judgments, what’s good or bad, right or

While that can be helpful in making quick
decisions that aren’t very complex, answers aren’t
so clear when things are subjective.

Should I stay in this job that makes me miserable, even
though it pays the bills and meets my basic needs? Should
I invest a lot of money and time to start a new

A lot of questions don’t have easy answers. Working
with a career coach can help you explore different
possibilities in your life, without adding another person
who is trying to tell you want to do.

If you are at a crossroads, embrace this opportunity to
make a new choice. Consider these 3 decision making
secrets to kick-start your success!

Does this move you closer to your goal(s)? This is
one of the most important questions to consider.
Will making this choice help you achieve your
future goals?

For most people, the default tendency is to make decisions
that will keep them feeling comfortable and safe, which
also means in the same position they are currently in.

It’s very common to be presented with something new,
like a promotion or another job but want to stay where
you are out of fear of the unknown.

Think about where you want to be long term. Does this
option support you?

Is the cost something you can give up/make back
easily? Wouldn’t it be great if we could go
through life, take no chances and end up exactly
where we want to be, happy, healthy, wealthy, and

The reality is that to get something you’ve
never had, you must be willing to do something
you’ve done. This is where most people stop. They
retreat, give up, and go back to all they’ve ever

Or they stay stuck in indecision and not
making a decision is the same thing as making a
decision to do nothing.

If you are serious about your success, understand
that some sacrifice is necessary. Would you be willing
to give up some time to search for a new job? Would
you invest a thousand dollars in a certification for your

Does this add value to your life? A lot of people
are unsure of what they really want, so they don’t
know what would make a difference in their level
of happiness.

Get clear on your values! Do you like having time to
spend with your friends and family? Do you want to
earn a certain amount of money, so you can have
more freedom? \

In order to make powerful decisions that move you
forward, clarity around your values is imperative. Try
making a list of your values in three minutes or

Then, look back and reflect on it without
judgment. What if all of your choices moving
forward were in alignment with your values?

Decision making is something that you could spend
years talking about! I do full length workshops on
the topic and we still only scratch the surface.

Assuming that you aren’t infringing on anyone
else’s rights, safety, or well-being making
decisions usually isn’t very simple. Just by the
fact that you are in the position to make a
choice, know that you are prepared and capable of
doing so!


Margaret Hirsch

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
Hirsch COO runs South Africa’s top independence appliance company that specialises in all appliances, electronics, furniture and bedding. They give the best deals and the best prices and everything is guaranteed.