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Trend Alert -Drinks Trolleys

With party season arriving soon, one of our favourite trends for next year will be the ‘belle of the ball’. Drinks trolleys are the stylish alternative to installing an entertainment area in your home, saving you space and giving you the flexibility to make your mimosa anywhere in your home. Here are some tips to incorporate this glamorous trend into your home

Stock Up

The first way to ensure that your drinks trolley is ready for your guests, is to take stock of what you have and what you’ll need to buy. The first essential is obviously a good trolley. You’ll want one that is both sturdy and stylish, as well as being the right size for your home. A cart with wheels will be more versatile than one without.

Get the Must-Haves

When it comes to liquor, go for quality over quantity: one bottle of expensive Champagne will do much more for your guests than an excess of cheap Chardonnay (also expensive liquor has prettier bottles!). Gin, vodka, bourbon, and rum are staples for scrumptious mixed drinks and cocktails. Orange juice, tomato juice, as well as some fresh lemon juice or citrus peels for garnishes are also handy to have in the fridge. Artisan salts and sugars, fresh mint leaves, and cinnamon sticks are tasty additions that also look great. Soda and tonic waters are necessary, as well as a sugary option like cola or lemonade. Tools like bar spoons, corkscrews, towels, a muddler, paper napkins, swizzle sticks, a cocktail shaker, and ice tongs are also key to creating a beautiful and functional trolley.


The best way to style your drinks trolley is to decorate it in a way that will make you feel happy every time you bring it out for guests. Mix in personal items like a vintage cocktail shaker from your mom, monogrammed mint julep cups, or bartending books gifted to you. Use a colour scheme that you like and don’t be afraid to experiment.


Don’t feel like you have to cram everything on your trolley at once. This can be why having a trolley with multiple tiers can be useful. Make sure you leave room on the trolley for actually making drinks, and so that wiping up any spills is much easier. Sometimes a bouquet of lovely fresh flowers or a bowl full of citrus fruits is all you need to style a summer trolley.


Drinks trolleys don’t have to only display liquor. Mix in some sentimental or beautiful items like brass decor item, a sculpture or other art piece. Add in fun items like framed sayings, homemade signs advertising your drink specialties, or a bowl of your favourite sweets.


Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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