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Wallpaper is back!

Wallpaper is back in a big way, from traditional and classic to bold and graphic; wallpaper goes way beyond what can be done with paint. Painted walls, although great in some spaces, do not liken to the luxury and magnificence a few rolls of wallpaper can provide.

Play up to a theme
Designers are looking for ways to impart the ‘wow’ factor without having to add more costly items, such as tiles, stone or expensive textile fabrics, and wallpaper does a great job of it. Play up to a theme, or take a less literal approach and play up the grandeur of its pattern.


Create Cosiness

When tackling an oversized room or high-ceilinged foyer use wallpaper to create a more intimate feel. Add crown moulding as well, visually altering the space to appear less cavernous and cosier.


create-cosinessFresh Look

Digital printing has enabled wallpaper designers to go in directions that have never been available in previous hand-printed versions. New advances in design mean new, fresh looks for your walls.

fresh-lookInstant Sophistication

Wallpaper has an amazing way of warming up a room and creating rich, layered sophistication.

instant-sophisticationSize Matters

Just as wallpaper can help change the feel of a too-big room, it can rescue a too-small space as well.         


Make a Statement

Wallpapers can make almost any type of design statement.  Soft, organic lines lend a soothing touch to a room, whereas bold geometrics can really add vibrancy and energy to a dull space.

make-a-statementGo Bold

Choose a bold graphic wallpaper, such as these monochromatic arrows, to instantly create visual energy in a room

boldChoose what you love

Avoid wallpapers that appear too trendy, or too far out of your comfort zone. If you have always loved a blue room, go for wallpaper with blue in it. Timeless classics are just that: timeless. You don’t want to repaper a room every year, so chose wallpaper you could live with for a long time


Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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