What if things were different?

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What if things were different?

What if things were different?

What if you’d done things differently?

What if you made more money?
What if you were in the right relationship?
What if you had less stress?

What if you you could get what you want in life?
What if you achieved your goals?
What if you had more time or didn’t have to work as hard ?

What if?… it’s a question we ask ourselves all the time.

Now think about this for a moment…

What if you had a special power that could bring you
what you want, when you want?
What if you only had to ask this power for what you want and
it would respond?

Would you work with that power, knowing that your success
was guaranteed – all you have to do is ask?

Now what if you had to ask the right way? Would
you be willing to learn how to do that?

Or would you leave your life to chance hoping that one day
things would get better?

Well, you have a power that will bring you what ever you want,
you just have to ask it, and you have to ask the right way.

That power is your subconscious mind.
It will bring you what you want when you work with it and
ask the right way.

It’s working for you right now.
You’re just not sending it the right instructions.

Your subconscious responds to your thoughts and beliefs.

To get what you want you must have thoughts and beliefs that
say you can have or get what you want.

Thoughts like:
I can’t
It’s too hard,
I don’t know how,
I’m not smart enough,
I’m scared,
Yeah but there is no way…
I’m not sure…
What if it doesn’t work out….
What if I fail…

And similar thoughts all prevent you from getting what you want.

They send the wrong message to your subconscious mind.
That’s why you never get what you want.
That’s why you struggle.
That’s why things don’t work.
It’s all because you’re telling your subconscious mind to make
life harder or to bring you what you don’t want.

So track your thoughts.
Like most people you probably have more negative thoughts
than positive thoughts.

You need to change that pattern of negative thinking.
You need to give your subconscious mind and inner powers
new instructions, and new messages.
Then you’ll get your subconscious and inner powers to bring you
exactly what you want.
You just have to give your powers the right messages. Today
I’m showing you how to work with your power and give
it the right messages

Now think about this for a moment…

What If…

Things worked out for you?
You made more money?
You had that great job?
You grew your business?
You were in a great relationship?
You were healthy and had more energy?
You made the right choices?
Everything worked out for you?
You had no more fear or worry?

Would life be better?

It’s all possible when you work with the power you have and
when you give it the right information.

It’s a lot easier to do than you think.
You can and will get what you want when you get your subconscious
mind to work for you. When you give it the right information.

So stop worrying about what went wrong or what might go
wrong in the future.
Instead, think about how great your life can be and start
directing your Subconscious to bring you what you want today

You have tremendous power.
You can create, attract, and have
anything you want.
So decide what you want today.
Decide to take charge of your life today.
Stop worrying about the future and begin using the power you
have to get what you want. So that you’re happy and confident, knowing
that you’re on the right track and that everything is working out.

Sending you lots of positive energy…

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
Hirsch COO runs South Africa’s top independence appliance company that specialises in all appliances, electronics, furniture and bedding. They give the best deals and the best prices and everything is guaranteed.