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May 18, 2018
May 18, 2018
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The wedding  we have been waiting for is nearly here! In less than a day we will witness the royal “I Do’s.” 

The moment we will all be waiting for, Meghan’s dress reveal is nearly here, but what do the rest of us where?

Although Meghan and Harry have enjoyed large amounts of freedom , they still have to follow some of the royal rules when it comes to wedding attire, and the same applies to their wedding guests.

With British royalty, the general rule of thumb for females attending the day event is a dress (with a modest hemline, mind you) and a coat, which is very fitting for this conservative affair. Pantyhose must be nude and accounted for, wedges and stilettos are a no no, and although your hat can be appropriately extra, you need to ensure it does not block the view of whoever is sitting behind you.

Keep it covered.

While a subtly exposed cleavage and bare shoulders may be easily ignored at most common spring weddings, that will certainly not be the case at this celebration. It’ll be safe to turn to turtlenecks, sleeves, and modest hemlines for this royal festivity.

Again, with so many royal rules already bent and broken by the bride-to-be, making an appearance in a black dress may not be considered bad taste. Who knows?


Save your naked legs for later.

While it’s still quite unclear whether trousers are ‘suitable’ garb for women attending the royal wedding, one thing that is absolutely clear: bare legs are a no go! Pantyhose, knee highs and sheer tights will easily solve this problem.
Fascinators crown the look.

You’ve probably noticed how Kate Middleton and even Meghan of late are never captured at official royals event without a fascinator. Royal protocol requires all women associated with the family to don a good hat – one that is obviously undemanding of too much attention.

Ditch the super high heels.

Word on the street is the queen mother is no fan of wedge sandals or towering stilettos at any royal event. So for this wedding, it’s more than okay to stick to midi and block heels, which from a comfort perspective isn’t a bad choice.


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Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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