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Who are Peak Performers?

Peak performers may be individuals who are at the

top of their game and hold leadership roles in

their respective organizations.


Or, they may be individuals who are considered leaders

regardless of the actual position or title they hold.


In any case, they do more than what is required or

expected of them and experience success and

fulfillment in return.


What Does It Take To Be a Peak Performer?

Surprisingly, the qualities that make peak

performers so special and enable them to reach

such heights, are easily defined:


  1. Peak performers are passionate about what they do. 


This quality is absolutely critical. While it’s a common

belief that passion is essential to really moving ahead in

the world, it’s rare to see truly passionate people at work.


While many are committed to their workplace professionally,

few are actually passionate about what they do.


So where does passion come from? Passion cannot be

externally manufactured, it has to come from within.


Consider the feeling of joy. Nobody can tell us to be joyful;

joy is a spontaneous and personal emotion that has to

come from within.


Passion comes from purpose and until you have

clarified your purpose, it is very difficult to be

passionate about anything.


So how do you define your purpose, and therefore

your passion? You may be doing something because

it’s upbeat, it’s profound, it’s exhilarating, or it’s motivating

to you.


Whatever it is, it’s your unique purpose that drives passion.

When we are open to the depths of our experience and in

touch with our purpose, we feel both joy and passion.


  1. Peak performers give 100% in everything they do.


They are passionate as a result of the

passion they possess. When you are passionate

about something, it is easy to give all that you

have and, as a result, you will experience more

abundance in your life.


Peak performers give 100% to their family, 100% to

their friends, 100% to their work and 100% to life in general.


  1. Peak performers maintain a serious commitment

to what they do. 


While still having fun and experiencing joy in life,

overall Peak Performers take life seriously. At work,

they are earnest, thoughtful and highly determined.


As a result of their focus and intensity, peak performers

have a better grasp of “the big picture”.


They have a much wider perspective and don’t suffer from

the limitations of being self-centered.


  1. Peak performers are experts. 


Becoming an expert requires three essential elements:

openness, interest and curiosity:


  • The first element is maintaining an openness to

new information and experiences.


Many of us think that since we’ve been to college or university,

accumulated years of experience at work, or have “been

there, done that”, we already know everything.


But we don’t; we only know a small part of it, so keeping

an open mind is paramount.


  • The second element is interest. This means being

interested in what you don’t already know and

finding out more.


  • The third element is curiosity. Children have

all the three qualities it takes to be peak

performers. They are open and interested in new



Fascinated and curious, they constantly

ask, “why?” or “how does this work?” We each start

out with these essential qualities, but they

become suppressed as we become adults.


It’s important to toss aside any fears holding us back

and revive our curiosity.


  1. Peak performers exhibit excellent communication



Peak performers communicate effectively at

all levels, both verbally and non-verbally. They

express themselves clearly and concisely, listen

carefully and are aware of their articulation when

they speak.


  1. Peak performers make good decisions.


The best way to learn how to make good decisions

is to make decisions! The more you make, the more

you learn.


You will certainly make mistakes along the way,

but don’t let that deter you because each mistake

represents an opportunity to learn.


So how do you make better decisions? Become more

consciously aware of the decisions you make, even

small ones, then evaluate them.


How did I do? How can I improve? At the end of each day,

evaluate how the day went. Ask yourself, “How was work

today? Did I live according to my purpose?” If so,



If not, ask yourself, “What can I do better tomorrow?”

Then come up with a plan that wraps up the day,

and proposes what the next day will look like.


By improving in any one of these areas, you will

be one step closer to being a peak performer and

experiencing a more meaningful life.




  1. Over the next 30 days, clarify your purpose in

life and what makes you inspired and passionate.


  1. Then, find out how to integrate that purpose at

work, at home and in life.


  1. Document the changes that you notice in how you

feel, your relationships with others (both at work

and at home), and your general sense of



Until we next connect, I wish you good luck and I

look forward to hearing of your success!

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
Hirsch COO runs South Africa’s top independence appliance company that specialises in all appliances, electronics, furniture and bedding. They give the best deals and the best prices and everything is guaranteed.