February 25, 2016
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February 26, 2016
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You are meant to succeed

You are meant to succeed, in fact
you’re born to succeed.

Along the way there will be failures because you
simply can’t have success without failure.

I know it may sound crazy, or a little absurd,
but the truth is that you can’t be successful
without having a few failures along the way.

Without failure you wouldn’t know what success is.

You need that reference point.

Sort of like hot and cold, you know when water is
hot because you’ve touched water when it is cold.

And you can’t have success without failure.

But when you fail you have to learn from that failure
and then move forward so you succeed

Thomas Edison failed over 1,000 times before
he finally found the right combination of elements
to make a light bulb work.

He learned from his failures.
He used his failures as a benchmark, and avoided repeating them.
He improved on his failures.

Too many people give up just when their on the verge of success.


Because that’s what you’re used to doing.
That’s what your mind and subconscious mind are used to doing.
That’s their method of living, when it gets tough,
you give up and start again.
You always hoping success will come but you make the same
mistakes because your subconscious is programmed for failure.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Learn from your failures.
Consider a failure or setback a stepping stone to success.
Look for opportunities in every failure or setback.

Re-program your mind and subconscious mind so that you
are achieve success over and over again
Begin attracting success, be a magnet for success.
Get your mind and subconscious mind focused on attracting
and creating success so you enjoy life now 

Every setback or failure contains an opportunity
for you to learn, improve and grow. It’s a sign
that you’re making progress but you have to make
some adjustment in order to experience tremendous success.

If you don’t learn, grow or discover the opportunity
in the setback or failure, then you become
stagnant and discouraged.

Examine every failure or setback, step by step and you’ll
discover the opportunity, you’ll learn something new and you’ll
grow that’s what will allow you to enjoy success.

So why don’t you see these opportunities?

Because you’re conditioned to focus only on what’s wrong.

Your mind and subconscious mind are used to focusing
only on the failure and not learning from the mistakes.

Your mind and subconscious mind are powerful tools,
incredible allies that can catapult you to success or
doom you to failure.

It all depends on how you direct them and what you focus on.

Unfortunately nobody ever taught you how to think and succeed.
Nobody ever taught you how to instruct the awesome power of your
subconscious mind.
Now there is a way.
Now you can create the success you want.
Now you can instruct your subconscious mind to help
you achieve your goals and create the life you want

You can turn failure into success.
You can live your dreams.
You can attract success.
You can manifest abundance.
You are a powerful human being
and you can live the life you want

To your success!

PS: Remember — you only get one life and one chance.
Make the most of it. Stop defeating yourself, stop limiting yourself.
Create all the success you want and deserve in life. Get your mind
and subconscious working for you today

With love


Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
Hirsch COO runs South Africa’s top independence appliance company that specialises in all appliances, electronics, furniture and bedding. They give the best deals and the best prices and everything is guaranteed.