You are powerful

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October 1, 2015
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October 8, 2015
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You are powerful

You may not realize this but you’re an extremely
powerful person. Maybe no one ever told you just how
powerful you are or showed you how to use the
power that you have.

Today that all changes. Today I show you just how
powerful you are and how to use the amazing power
you have, Read on…

You have the power to shape and create the kind of life
you want to live. No matter what goals you want to achieve
you can – you just have to work with the amazing
power that you have.

When you understand this power, when you know how
to work with it and direct it, you can and will
accomplish anything you want.

So think about what you want, I mean what you really
want in life. You might want more money, you may want
to get a new home,  you may want inner peace or less
stress in your life, you may want more free time, you may
want to get a better job or start a business or meet the
right person or be healthy.

It’s all possible when you direct the amazing power that
you have within you, it’s a gift given to you when you were born.

Unfortunately you probably don’t know how to use and
direct this power. And if you don’t give it the right instructions
this power can end up working against you. So instead of
getting what you want, you end up struggling, failing, you try
but you can’t seem to get a break.

Now you can turn things around and give this power the
right instructions, and the right messages so you create
the kind of life you want to live

This power is your subconscious mind.
It’s connected to you.
It’s connected to everyone.
It’s connected to everything.
It’s tied to your mind, your thoughts and your beliefs.

You simply have to direct this power the right way, give it
the right instructions. Then you’ll have more success, you’ll
achieve your goals, you’ll be more energetic and full of life. To
begin working with your subconscious mind you only have
to follow a few simple steps for just 5 minutes a day

Here’s how you have tremendous power.

Your subconscious mind is what creates everything in your
life – you do things automatically because these habits are
planted on your subconscious mind.

You get dressed a certain way, you eat a certain way,
you have habits that you follow that are planted
on your subconscious.

Just like some of those physical habits you have
thought habits which become beliefs and they’re also planted
on your subconscious mind.

When it comes to creating and shaping your life your
subconscious simply follows those thought habits and beliefs
that are on the subconscious.

If you have too many negative thought habits you’ll have
more struggle, life will get harder, you’ll get angry, frustrated
and feel like giving up because nothing you do seems to work.

However, you’re in control of your thoughts.
You get to choose your thoughts and you get to choose what you believe.

Change your thoughts and change your beliefs so that they match
with what you want in life and everything changes.
You’ll be giving your subconscious new instructions so that it
brings you what you want. You’ll change your life by working with
your subconscious power.

You need to get rid of the negative thoughts and negative beliefs that
are sitting on your subconscious mind. .

If you keep the negative thoughts and beliefs then your power,
your subconscious mind will actually work against you and life
will get harder and harder.

Your Power Within, your subconscious mind is always working.
But if you don’t instruct it to help you it will work against you.
And that’s why things don’t work out for you.

Now direct your subconscious. Give it new instructions so that this
amazing power helps you live the kind of life you want and
helps you achieve your goals. Get rid of those negative thoughts
and negative beliefs – and begin using your amazing power today

Only you can create your own success.
It doesn’t matter if people around you are negative.
You don’t need encouragement and support from friends or family.

You only need to believe and see yourself and see yourself
as being successful.

Once you do that, once you raise the bar a little higher and
you see yourself as being able to achieve your goals you then
force subconscious mind to help you succeed.

So take a look at where you are today and decide what kind of
life you want to live. Start seeing yourself as successful in
every aspect of your life then you’ll be able to direct your
mind and subconscious mind and to achieve your goals

You can achieve your goals.
You can direct your amazing power.
You can live the life you want.
Believe in yourself.
Believe in your ability.
Start working with the power of your subconscious mind today

Wishing you continued success…

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
Hirsch COO runs South Africa’s top independence appliance company that specialises in all appliances, electronics, furniture and bedding. They give the best deals and the best prices and everything is guaranteed.