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May 5, 2017
May 6, 2017
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Your mind is extremely powerful

Your mind is extremely powerful. When used correctly your mind can be
like a magic wand which can turn any failure into success


Your mind is a direct link to your subconscious mind, which is constantly sending messages to your subconscious mind. Your subconscious then creates your life based on those messages

Those messages are your thoughts and beliefs.

You have the power to change your thoughts and beliefs and give your subconscious new messages.

When you use the power of your mind correctly you will be able to achieve your goals, experience more happiness, overcome setbacks and make more money all within a short time frame.

It all starts with changing your thoughts and beliefs, so that you get rid of the negative thoughts and beliefs and replace them with new thoughts and beliefs.

I know you may have had setbacks and you may not have all that you want in life. And the reason why you’re not experiencing the success and joy you want is because you’re not using your mind correctly.

You’re not sending your subconscious mind the right messages. And so your subconscious doesn’t help you live the kind of life you want.

Instead, you end up with more of what you don’t want.

However, when you focus your mind, direct and give your subconscious mind new instructions you’ll be able to achieve more than you can imagine – a lot more

Let me tell you the story of a boy named Tom.

Tom was born in a poor family. They were so poor that his parents couldn’t even afford to send him to school. One time, he got sick, but his parents couldn’t afford a doctor. Since he never got treatment the sickness he developed left him almost deaf.

Even as a child, he had to do odd jobs to help support his family. He’d make a little cash selling vegetables, and he also sold candy and newspapers on the train. Poor, uneducated and disabled, Tom should never have amounted to anything. Many people blame their failures on their misfortunes. But few of us have worse luck than Tom.

You can’t control the cards that life has dealt you. But playing the game … and winning … is still up to you.

If you let negative thoughts and beliefs cloud your mind, you’ll never win, even if life has given you a winning hand

Negative thoughts and beliefs create negative energy. And this negative energy stops you from ever achieving your goals.

All that negative energy creates more self-doubt, worry and irrational fear.

This negative energy is the cause of unhealthy habits, addictions, bad relationships and financial difficulty

It can even cause emotional problems and depression.

This negative energy can affect your immune system and ruin your health.

So if you want success, wealth, love, or anything else, you need to get rid of your negative beliefs, and train your mind to avoid negative thoughts.

Let me tell you the rest of Tom’s story …

Tom was fascinated by science. Instead of letting his lack of education ruin his life, he taught himself science by reading any book he could find.

He could have blamed all his problems on fate. Instead, he used the power of his mind to turn his problems into opportunities.

He set up a small lab in a train car. And every day, after selling candy and newspapers on the train, he’d read science books and perform experiments on the train.

His positive energy and self-belief created positive situations, and the Universe gave him his first “lucky break”…

One day, he saved the station master’s child from being run over by a train. The grateful father promised to make him a telegraph operator.

With access to telegraphs and his knowledge of science, he made his first inventions in telegraphy, which made him some money. Later, Tom, who was nearly deaf, made the world’s first sound recording device!

All in all, this deaf, poor boy who never went to school made over 400 inventions, and founded one of the world’s most profitable companies!

Tom – better known as Thomas Edison is best known as the inventor of the lightbulb. Yet, we forget how he failed 10,000 times before he found the right solution for his bulb!

  • He didn’t give up.
  • Neither should you.

He believed in himself because he had the right thoughts, and the right beliefs.

Instead of letting 10,000 failures depress him, he used them as stepping stones to success!

Imagine what our world would have been like, if Thomas Edison had given up. The light bulb, cheap electricity, and even the phone or computer that you’re reading this on – would never have existed!

The power of his thoughts and the subconscious mind made all this possible.

What will your life be like, if you use your subconscious Mind correctly? If you have the right thoughts and the right beliefs – so that you’re driven to succeed

What kind of life would you like to live, if you could have anything?

Think about it – because you can have anything you want when you use your mind and subconscious mind the right way – I show you how.

You are a powerful person and you have tremendous power; that power is in your mind and subconscious mind.

Now you can direct this power so that you overcome your setbacks, achieve your goals, make the changes you want and experience the joy, happiness, wealth and success you want

Just follow the steps I share with you today and you’ll begin the kind of life you want.

Tomas Edison believed in himself and the world became a better place because he refused to give up.

Believe in yourself and your life will be so much better. Take charge and begin using the power of your mind and subconscious mind today – now it’s your turn.

Wishing you tremendous success…

Sent with love


Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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