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Weber Braai’s put on their best show at the Jackie Cameron School Of Food And Wine in Hilton, KZN,  recently in celebration of  Heritage Day, where Jackie, her talented students, and Margaret Hirsch, Executive Director of the Hirsch’s Group, braai’ed up some exciting new ideas for viewers to try at home.

Jackie and her students showcased a vast array of meal ideas that can be cooked in the Weber.  They included hummus , a selection of pizzas ,a beef filet with a delectable fresh curry sauce and fresh Malva pudding.  “A Weber is an outdoor oven and one can cook almost anything on it.  We just need to educate the public on how to actually use it properly as it is an amazing product” said Jackie”.

Margaret, who is a vegan, made some colourful veggie skewers , chargrilled stuffed green peppers and Allan Hirsch’s famous Mielie tart from his own cook book, A Taste of Hirsch’s, with many wonderful recipes passed down from his own family. Commented Margaret : “People always find it difficult when entertaining for a vegan, but the options are endless.  Its all about being creative with fresh,  wholesome ingredients.

Jackie’s school, with wonderful views over Pietermaritzburg, offers an intensive nationally and internationally recognised chef’s course. She prides herself on educating her students about healthy fresh food  -from growing it to finding ways to use everything. Show a wide-range of braai’s and accessories at

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