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When the summer heat hits, the need for an Aircon rises as the heat and humidity can become unbearable. We need something that is going to regulate the temperature in our homes to create a desirable comfort level. Don’t suffer in the heat and humidity rather view these air conditioners for sale and where to buy them. We will also dive into the difference between an inverter and non inverter air conditioner.

Best brands of Aircons for sale

Here are some of the best brands of aircons for sale starting from R6,099.99 excl installation.

Where to buy an aircon?

There are many great Aircons available on the market but you need to invest in an aircon that will work for your home. Hirsch’s only stock the best aircon brands in South Africa. Which gives you peace of mind, knowing you will be purchasing the best from a trusted supplier. They also have a dedicated air conditioner specialist in every Hirsch’s branch. Based in Durban , Johannesburg and Cape Town. These specialists can assist with deciding what size aircon you would need as well as the correct installation and servicing. You can click here to chat to one of the specialists directly or here to find more information and your closest branch. Hirsch’s also has a handy tool on their website to calculate your aircon size needed.

Inverter vs non Inverter aircon

Inverter aircons save on electricity because they efficiently control the motor speed of the aircon which saves energy. These air-conditioners are recommended for someone who will be running an aircon for a long period of time daily. The compressor on Non Inverters is not controlled so it runs on full capacity. Therefore using more energy if run over a long period of time. A non invertor air conditioner will suit someone who will only run an aircon for a few hours of the day. Where as if you are wanting to use the aircon for the entire day and night the Inverter aircon is the way to go as it will consume less energy, which is also better for the environment.

Make Summer Easier

An aircon is your solution to beating the heat this summer. We have a wide variety of Air Conditioners For Sale and the service to back it up. With branches located all over South Africa and a host of the best aircon brands for sale. Visit us or shop online to take advantage of Air Conditioners For Sale.

Remember to grab your air-conditioning here. Stay tuned to my blog for exciting recipes, product knowledge and much more.

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