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Candy’s Connected Collection Would you believe us if we told you there was a washing machine so smart it can forecast the weather? or that you can load your laundry and remotely control when the cycle starts? Well, seeing is believing with Candy’s Connected Collection. Busy modern life guides people towards home appliances that simplify day-to-day domestic chores. The Candy Connected Collection is the first complete range of appliances that are fully connected to Wi-Fi. Thanks to their innovative Simply-Fi app, you can control your appliance from anywhere. Thus making your life easier meaning you can run your household from the palm of your hand.

About Candy Appliances Candy is now celebrating 76 years of impressive success built on their philosophy of keeping our customers at the heart of all that they do. It was 1945 when the first all-Italian Candy washing machine was produced. Since then, they’ve become an intrinsic part of family life by simplifying the way we carry out day-to-day domestic chores. What’s more, their appliances are masterpieces of style, down to the smallest detail, as only an Italian-designed machine can be.

The Candy Connected Laundry range With Candy, laundry is one less thing to worry about. Our Laundry Range makes sure that your clothes come out perfectly clean, without wasting water, energy or time. Thanks to the Simply-Fi App you can easily check your laundry status at any time of your busy day, even out of home. You have full remote control using your smartphone or your voice. Picture this: you’re stuck in traffic and know you have a pile of laundry waiting for you when you get home. Not anymore. With Candy, it is no longer necessary to be at home to keep on top of the laundry. You can simply load your washing in the morning before work and while at the office you can set your washing machine to start the cycle so that it’s ready by the time you get home! Moreover, your Candy washing machine can assess the weather forecast and send you a notification that it is about to rain, allowing you to optimise your washing routine! So, you will save time to do the things you like the most.

What’s more With the unique Snap&Wash feature, you can take a photo of your laundry and the Simply-FI App will detect the size of the load, the colours, the level of soil and it will suggest the most appropriate cycle for that particular load of laundry.

View the range here

To shop our Candy Collection click here. Read my blog for more exciting recipes, news, events and more.

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