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We absolutely love this Delectable Warm Dolce Truffle Cappuccino recipe by Nespresso . This caramel and chocolate delight will engage your senses and provide a delectable warm comforting taste. Ingredients for the Delectable Warm Dolce Truffle Cappuccino

  • Dulce De Leche or caramel treat 10 g

  • 5g of finely grated dark chocolate

  • Milk 100 ml

  • Cocoa Truffle Nespresso pod 25 ml


  1. First pour 100 ml of milk directly into the Nespresso Barista device or aeroccino device.

  2. Then add the Cocoa Truffle Nespresso pod to your Nespresso machine and close the lid. Then select the “Cappuccino” recipe on the device and press the start button.

  3. In a cappuccino cup pour 10g of Dulce de Leche.

  4. Pour the foam of hot milk into the View Cappuccino glass and extract 25ml of Cocoa Truffle on the top.

  5. Sprinkle 1tsp of the dark chocolate or cocoa powder on the milk foam.

  6. Serve warm and enjoy.

  7. To make this into an iced coffee treat. Set the milk frother to cold foam and add the coffee in over ice.

Nespresso Coffee Machines And Coffee Pods: Nespresso coffee machines combine technology, quality and design to deliver a barista-like experience. They use a coffee pod which is filled with sustainable and exceptional quality coffee. This coffee is available in a wide variety of flavours, strengths and blends. A coffee pod is a pre-packed serving of coffee, wrapped in filter paper that is ready to be infused.

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Much Love,

Margaret Hirsch

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