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How to Cook Faster, Tastier Homemade Meals With Siemens cooking range.

Siemen’s range of innovative appliances make putting together your favourite meals quicker and easier. Therefore giving you more time to enjoy the good things in life. For many people, life these days is really busy. And though we set the bar high in both our work and personal lives. We still need to carve out time to enjoy the beautiful things in life. Whether it’s the bustling day-to-day of having a family or ambitious sporting goals, like training for a half marathon. Enjoying good food shouldn’t be pushed to the margins.

Can today’s technology make for better home cooking? To make meal prep as efficient as it can be, kitchen appliance manufacturers are developing clever and innovative technologies to save on time. For example, combination appliances such as the Siemens oven with varioSpeed, an oven with integrated microwave function. Allow you to make your favourite meals in a fraction of the usual time, making planning and prep more efficient.

Flexibility is also key. Since devices with VarioSpeed combine oven and microwave functions. It’s possible to make two different dishes in a short amount of time. Just imagine: While you are preparing the ingredients for a potato gratin, you can have a chicken sizzling in the oven. Then the gratin goes into the oven and you can use the waiting time to prepare a salad.

Does quick cooking effect taste? Fast doesn’t mean low-quality. You can also cook restaurant-style dishes in the oven with varioSpeed, like Japanese tuna tataki. Timing is key with this dish, and the oven functions help you achieve the perfect balance of a light sear on the outside buttery soft raw tuna inside. Served with a homemade tataki sauce and a cucumber wakame salad. Your cooking is guaranteed to become impressive.

Home Connect The Wi-Fi enabled Siemens Home Appliances can already be operated through the Home Connect App. But now this technology connects your appliances with different partners – turning your house into a connected home. Discover how connectivity creates various new possibilities which enrich every aspect of your daily life. Open up for an innovative lifestyle and let the future move into your home. These wifi enabled cooking appliances make cooking easy, allowing you complete control from anywhere in your home or in the car.

More to explore. Achieve the best results

Roasting sensor Easier than ever before: roastingSensor Plus Thanks to three measuring points, the innovative roasting thermometer is able to precisely and reliably measure the core temperature of your dishes. This allows you to use it with a wider range of foods. Ideal for meat, poultry and fish, it can even be combined with the integrated microwave and the pulse Steam function. Without the need to keep checking, the roasting Sensor Plus gives you the freedom to get on with the rest of your cooking. Within the range there is the roasting Sensor; a temperature probe with one measuring point, so for leaner cuts of meat you can roast without worry.

Baking Sensor An oven that can detect when the baking process is complete: with bakingSensor Plus, all that is left for you to do when baking is to prepare the pastry or mix and select the required dish. Innovative sensor technology fitted inside selected iQ700 ovens can automatically control the baking process for consistently delicious baking. The bakingSensor constantly measures the moisture levels in the oven interior and is therefore able to tell you when the dish is fully cooked and ready. Cook control plus

Make perfect preparation easier than ever before. Select your chosen dish and enter the weight. The oven will then provide individual setting recommendations for perfect preparation of your dish ensuring the best results for a wide range of dishes, every time. This automatic cooking offers up to 70 programmes to ensure meat and fish are cooked to perfection. If you’re using a roastingSensor or bakingSensor, cookControl Plus will automatically suggest the mode, time and temperature for your cooking. So why make it complicated when it can be simple?

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