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How To Use Your Most Common Appliances Most Effectively. Washing machines, fridges, and pressure cookers all form an essential part of our modern lifestyle. Thankfully they’ve taken the hard work out of common tasks and given us the convenience of clean clothes, cold beers, and a juicy, tasty dinner.

However, have you ever watched those life hacks or how-to videos where they uncover a secret hidden in plain sight that we simply never knew? Like, how to make your canvas shoes waterproof using only a little beeswax and a hairdryer?

We have some thoughts on getting the best out of your most well-loved appliances and making sure that they last.

Making the Most of Your Washing Machine

Yes, we know that Grandma used to do all her washing by hand, and for that we applaud her. But that was then and this is now and we have machines to handle that backbreaking work. Getting the best out of this essential appliance is common sense, and will make sure you enjoy a long and happy relationship.

  1. Sort wisely.

If you don’t need to use a 45-minute thermo-nuclear hot cycle then don’t. There’s no laundry police watching you, so if a quick, cold cycle is all that’s needed to freshen up a bunch of t-shirts then so be it. Not only will this save time, but will lessen your rising energy bills.

  1. Keep your balance.

That noise your machine makes when it’s off-balance is more than just irritating. An unbalanced machine takes unnecessary strain and wears out the moving parts quicker. To keep your machine balanced, make sure that the legs are supporting its weight evenly. Another handy trick is to keep items like scarves, socks, and bras in mesh bags during a wash cycle. This prevents tangling and unbalancing the load.

  1. Good scents.

If your clothes are going to come out smelling delicious, then the machine needs to be kept clean and fresh. Mould and mildew forms quickly in this damp environment which leads to that revolting stale, musty smell. Avoid this by keeping the lid or door of the machine open when not in use. Clean out the detergent drawers regularly, and if it still smells a little funky, then run a hot wash with a cup of vinegar.

Making the Most of Your Fridge

Your fridge is always on and can therefore be something of a greedy appliance when it comes to electricity. We all want to reduce our carbon footprint and make sure we’re using energy as efficiently as possible, and we also want to pay less on our utility bills, right?

  1. Keep the coils clean.

The back and underside of the fridge can get pretty gross over time which clogs up the condenser coils. These coils serve to cool and condense the refrigerant but when they’re covered with grime and dust they are far less efficient at releasing heat. This means the compressor works longer and harder than it needs to and will wear out sooner.

Add a regular vacuum and gentle wipe down of these poor neglected areas to reduce energy usage and prolong the life of your fridge.

  1. Fill it up.

A full fridge is a happy fridge. It makes sense to keep it full, even if it’s just with bottles of water. Why, you ask? Simply because these cold products help to keep other items cold, while also taking up air space that your unit doesn’t have to cool down each time the fridge door is opened.

  1. Seal it up.

Those rubber seals around your fridge and freezer door are the gatekeepers of the cold, effectively keeping the cool in and the warm out. They are also usually the first item to show their age, and once they become brittle, break, or start to pull away then your appliance must work harder to keep its temperature. Fortunately, your favourite appliance retailer can assist you with a replacement.

Making the Most of Your Pressure Cooker

If you’re a foodie and love the taste of hearty home-cooked meals, then you likely use your pressure cooker often. This clever little chamber really does a brilliant job of reducing cooking time while retaining all the flavour and nutrients that you expect.

  1. Careful cleaning.

To prolong the life of your pressure cooker, clean it as soon as possible after it has cooled down. Food residue can cause bacterial growth and the chemicals from decomposing food will eventually start to pit the metal. Remove the seal and pressure weight and clean each piece carefully before storing it away.

  1. Smart cooking.

This is one appliance where it pays to read the instructions! Too little water can result in low pressure and undercooked food. Too little steam from a leaking seal or incorrect settings may allow the pot to burn. Be sure to read and follow all the cooking instructions for each dish carefully to avoid a disappointing dinner and a damaged appliance.

  1. Safe storage.

Many clever cooks have found that it pays to make sure all pieces of equipment are clean and dry before packing them away. In humid climates, it may be useful to add a sprinkle of bicarbonate of soda into the pot before storing it. This incredibly useful kitchen necessity will draw out any remaining moisture while ridding your pot of residual odours.

Make Your Home with Hirsch’s

Our modern lives are faster and busier than ever before. It makes sense, then, to make the best use of the home appliances available to make your life easier and give you more time for the more important things.

From cooking to cleaning, laundry to lifestyle, we have what you need in one of our many stores.

Remember to grab your home essentials here. Stay tuned to our blog for exciting recipes, Wedding planning advice, product knowledge and much more.

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