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'Margaret’s Must Have’s' - The Candy Bordeaux wine cooler and the Redkey Vacuum cleaner.

We are well into our fabulous big sale, Black November month! There are so many wonderful deals out there that will be a perfect match for the holidays. Two that caught my eye are the Candy 81 LT. Divino Wine Cooler that is going for a song, and the efficient and so-easy-to-use Redkey vacuum cleaner .

Candy 81 Bordeaux LT Devino Wine Cooler Men are always quite difficult to buy gifts for, and the Candy 81 Bordeaux LT Devino (note the touch of Italy) Wine Cooler would make the ideal gift for the man in the house! It comes with 12 shelves and can hold 81 bottles of wine – so you are never likely to run out! An added benefit? WiFi! You can set the temperature from your armchair and have it at the perfect temperature before your guests arrive! The energy rating on the Candy Wine Cooler is A so it’s a great energy saver. I love the fact that it comes with an inventory assistant that allows you to check which wines you have stored in your cooler.

Redkey Vacuum Cleaner If you want a vacuum cleaner that is light and really easy to use, then the Redkey will be right up your street! The vacuum is cordless and foldable making it the perfect vacuum cleaner for apartments. Cleaning everywhere anytime!! It comes with a smart dust sensor and has really strong suction power. It also has a three layer HEPA filtration system that can block large particles of dust, hair and other debris, allowing for increased dust collection capacity.

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Happy Shopping! Love Margaret xx

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