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Margaret’s Must Have’s Samsung Fold And Samsung 55″ QLED TV

We are delighted to announce the opening of our fabulous new Samsung Concept store in Sandton City (Shop L54). It is just across the passage from the previous Samsung store, is four times the size of the old shop and is packed full of the latest Samsung products. The grand opening and unveiling of the store earlier this week was a great success, and it was wonderful to see customers pour in to experience everything that Samsung has on offer in the busiest mall in the country.

It stands to reason that my Must Have’s this week are from the Samsung stable!


I have the new SAMSUNG FOLD 3 – the world’s first water resistant foldable smartphone – and I absolutely love it! The Infinity Flex Display makes scrolling, swiping, dragging and dropping a lot smoother. It even optimizes the refresh rate based on what you’re viewing.

If you haven’t got time to unfold the phone to take a selfie, don’t worry! It takes selfies with the dual Rear Camera and the Cover Screen will give you a preview. You just need to hit the volume button on the side to trigger the shutter. You can even take hands free selfies and videos with the Flex mode. All you have to do is adjust the angle and step back for the photo. If you do a lot of work with your phone and need to multitask, you can split your screen in two and multitask like a pro.

This is hands down, the most fantastic gift for the family this year!! It is one of our top Black November deals and an absolute must have for YOUR family this holiday season. If we want to talk tech, here are some amazing features to take note of: It has 100% colour volume, comes with a neo Quantum Processor, is Quantum HDR 32x, Bluetooth, is a Smart TV, has Active Voice Amplifier, and comes with 2 USB ports. I could get more technical, but why don’t you pop into a Hirsch’s branch or Samsung Concept store near you to see for yourself what a fantastic television this is!

Happy shopping!

Remember to grab your kitchen essentials here. Stay tuned to our blog for exciting recipes, networking sessions, product knowledge, and much more.

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