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Two items that will make your life seamlessly easier and happier forever are washing machines and coffee makers! This week I’ve included the awesome, super sophisticated but ever so practical Samsung Top Loader washing machine and the brilliant, compact little coffee lover pleaser – the SMEG Bean-to-cup automatic Coffee machine.

The Samsung 17kg Top Loader has a Bubble Steam feature that cleans clothes in only 31 minutes! Amazing when you think that you can put blankets and duvets into the machine. It also uses 20% less energy and 23L less water than the average top loader. It comes with digital inverter technology and will save up to 40% on electricity. For those more intense washes, it comes with a useful heavy duty mode. This machine is perfect for that burgeoning family –And ideal for the holidays that are just around the corner!

For an incredibly fresh, delicious cup of aromatic coffee, you cannot beat the new Smeg Bean-to-cup automatic coffee machine. It is compact, so easy to use and the end result is a smooth, wonderful cup of your favourite beverage. From the freshly ground beans, you can source different beverages according to Your taste – including Americano, espresso, ristretto and black. It includes a milk frother and a steaming function so is also ideal for cappuccinos, lattes, and flat whites. A huge added plus is that, with its removable parts, it is very easy to maintain and clean.

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Much Love,

Margaret Hirsch

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