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Vegan Bobotie


  • 60ml vegetable oil

  • 2 medium onions, finely chopped

  • 2 Carrots chopped

  • 1 tin of chopped tomato

  • 1 can lentils or 250g raw lentils

  • 125ml raisins

  • 60ml apricot jam

  • 100 ml chopped dried apricots soaked in hot water

  • 100ml raisins

  • 100ml hot chutney

  • 10ml curry powder

  • 5ml salt

  • 2ml ground black pepper

  • 2 slices thick bread soaked in almond milk


  • 250g Vegan margarine or butter

  • 6-8 table spoons of flour

  • 750ml almond milk or coconut cream for a thicker texture.

  • Turmeric for colour


1. Make a white sauce with Almond milk, vegan butter and flour - add salt and pepper to taste & turmeric for colour and place bay leafs for decoration.

2. Fry onions and Carrots in oil and add curry powder until onions translucent,

3. Add all other ingredients, mix and cook through

Alternatively add Onion, Carrots, and spices to the instant pot and sauté.

Add all other ingredients with a dash of water and cook on high pressure for 18minutes.

4. Pour into ovenproof dish, pour white sauce over top, sprinkle with paprika and cook at 180 degrees for 30 mins

5. Serve with yellow rice

Malva Pudding:

INGREDIENTS FOR THE TOFFEE SAUCE • 375ml Coconut cream • 125ml Vegan butter, cut into blocks • 200ml Sugar • 2ml Salt BATTER • 30ml vegan butter • 100ml Sugar • 45ml Apricot Jam • 1 Egg from egg replacement we used Orgran • 5ml Bicarbonate of soda • 125ml Almond milk • 250ml Cake flour • 1ml salt • 20ml Apple cider vinegar INSTRUCTIONS SAUCE • Place the cream, butter, sugar, salt and in a medium saucepan. • Stirring continuously over a high heat, bring the sauce to the boil. • Reduce the heat and simmer for two minutes. • Remove from the heat and keep warm.


  • Cream the butter and the sugar together using a whisk until the butter is pale and soft.

  • Whisk in the Apricot Jam, then prep the egg substitute and add it to the mixture.

  • Add the bicarbonate of soda and the milk.

  • Sift the cake flour and the salt together in a separate bowl and add to the batter.

  • Stir in the vinegar.

  • Spoon the batter into an ovenproof pudding bowl that has been greased well.

  • Bake the Malva Pudding in an oven preheated to 180 ̊C for 40 minutes or until risen and golden.

  • Remove from the oven and pour sauce a little at a time until all the sauce is absorbed by the hot pudding.

  • Serve hot with vegan custard.

Remember to grab your kitchen essentials here. Stay tuned to my blog for your daily dose of motivation, exciting recipes, networking sessions, daily inspiration and much more.

Much Love,

Margaret Hirsch

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