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The latest Hirsch’s Kitchen Capers virtual event saw keen amateur chef, Richard Hirsch – the CEO of Hirsch’s – and his lovely wife Simone whip up a feast full of sunshine in their gorgeous Miele kitchen.

Eight years ago, just after they got married, the couple put together their own cookery book entitled His and Hirsch’s and the four dishes that they prepared for their virtual audience included recipes from the book: Mango Granite; Prawns to be wild with Penne; Caprese Heirloom Salad; Paprika & Cream Calamari. The dishes popped with colour and the flavours of summer!

Join the Hirsch’s Capers team on ZOOM or Facebook live next week when Cooking Like a Bosch chef Izelle Hoffman will join Margaret in the Bosch kitchen at Centurion where they will prepare some easy to make, packed full of nutrition, luncheon meals. Follow this link to join:

Remember to grab your kitchen essentials here. Stay tuned to my blog for your daily dose of motivation, exciting recipes, networking sessions, daily inspiration and much more.

Much Love,

Margaret Hirsch

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