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When you think of washing and dishwashing machines, you automatically (pardon the pun) assume that they’re always clean! Not so. There’s often bacteria lurking between the drums, in the door rubber, and in all those pipes!At Hirsch’s, we have fabulous descalers for washing machines and dishwashers, especially if you’re in an area where the water is hard.

Our descalers get rid of all the build-up of limescale and other residue found in the water. They also clean between the drums where mold and germs accumulate.

Your washing and dishwashing machines work hard for you, and they deserve a little TLC! Get these amazing descaling products from Hirsch’s. You will have the cleanest machines in town, they will last longer, and your clothes and kitchen equipment will be fresher and cleaner!

Deep Cleanse for a More Efficient Washing Machine

This powerful cleaner removes organic waste, detergent and fabric softener residues, and lint. It can help reduce unpleasant odours and residue accumulation that result from using washing programs at low temperatures. Sometimes, these problems can transfer to the tumble dryer when incorrectly washed clothes are put into the dryer.

Run a washing program at 90ºC with our cleaner to solve all these problems. We recommend the use of a descaler in hard water areas. See its positive effects from the very first use. If you want to keep your washing machine as good as new, we recommend its use every 3 months.

Quick and Easy Removal of Limescale in the Interior of the Washing Machine

Limescale build-up can affect the washing result as well as the performance of your appliance. This descaler removes limescale in the entire interior of the washing machine easily and effectively. In addition, a limescale-free washing machine reduces heating time and electricity consumption.

Just add the entire contents of the descaler container into the washing machine drum and run a washing program at 60ºC. Effective from the very first use. If you want to keep your washing machine as good as new, we recommend descaling every 3-6 months.

Your washing machines deserve the best care to maintain their efficiency and longevity. With the right products and maintenance tips, you can ensure they serve you well for years to come. Visit Hirsch’s today to get your descaler and give your appliances the TLC they deserve!

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