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These Fruit Spring rolls from the Hirsch's Vegan Cookbook are the ultimate treat for the fruit lovers, throw in some vegan chocolate sauce if you really want to treat yourself!

INGREDIENTS • 250ml Strawberries, sliced in quarters • 2 Kiwi, cut into slices • 2 Oranges, cut into slices • 1 Mango, cut into strips, alternatively you can use a star-shaped cutter • 2 Peaches, cut into strips • 125ml Black berries cut into halves • 125ml Blueberries • 125ml Raspberries • 8 Sheets of Vietnamese rice paper • Fresh mint leaves For the strawberry dipping sauce: • 250ml Strawberries • 1 Passion fruit For the chocolate sauce: • 250ml Vegan dark chocolate , melted • Cut all fruit into small pieces.

  • Fill a shallow bowl with water and dip the rice papers in water so they get moderately wet on both sides. Don’t let them soak too long.

  • Fill rice paper sheets with the fruits and wrap them like a burrito. I think it’s best to center the filling and then roll it up and fold in the two side flaps.

  • To make the strawberry dipping sauce: Put the strawberries and the passion fruit in a blender and process until smooth. Alternatively, you can serve them with melted dark chocolate.

  • Serve the fruit spring rolls with the strawberry dipping sauce or the vegan chocolate sauce or both.

Serves: 6

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Much Love,

Margaret Hirsch

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