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These Vegan Stuffed Cabbage Rolls from Hirsch's Vegan Cookbook are just the best, they are filled with loads of goodness and delicious too!

INGREDIENTS • Cabbage leaves pre-boiled

• 30ml Sunflower oil

• 2 Chopped onions

• 500ml Sweet potatoes

• 250ml Couscous

• 500ml Vegetable broth

• 5ml Turmeric • 5ml Ground cumin

• 5ml Ground coriander (dhania)

• Chilli flakes, to taste • 60ml Sesame seeds

• 60ml Sunflower seeds

• Small bunch parsley • Salt and pepper

CABBAGE Slice the core of the cabbage and separate desired amount of cabbage leaves. Pre-boil them for 3 minutes each and lay them flat onto a board .

FILLING • Cook the couscous as per package instructions • Chop the onions finely. Heat the oil in a heavy bottom pan and cook the onions until translucent.

• In the meantime peel and roughly grate the sweet potatoes. • Give them to the onions and continue cooking for further two minutes. • Add the vegetable broth, cover the pan and cook the amaranth according to the • Add the turmeric, cumin, coriander, chilli flakes to taste, sesame and sunflower seeds. • Adjust the taste with salt and pepper. Stir in the chopped parsley.


  • Place the cabbage on a chopping board, one at a time, and remove the lower part of the leaf, where the stem is very thick.

  • Preheat the oven to 180°C.

  • To make the rolls place one cabbage leaf on the working surface, place a little filling more or less in the middle of the leaf. Fold the lower part of the leaf over, then one side of the leaf over the filling, then the other side of the leaf over.

  • Roll the leaf to form the cabbage roll and tuck in the open end of the leaf.

  • Arrange the cabbage rolls in the dish, in a tight, single layer.

  • Pour stock over the rolls, just as much as to barely cover the rolls, they should not swim in the water.

  • Bake for about 35 minutes or until the rolls are nicely coloured and the cabbage is cooked through.

  • Serves: 4

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Much Love,

Margaret Hirsch

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