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No time for lunch? Did you know that skipping lunch could lead to low energy levels in the afternoon as well as mood dips? There is a direct connection between nutrition and mental health. When you skip lunch, your body and digestion slow down to conserve energy. This leads to your metabolism slowing down. Also, people who skip lunch tend to overindulge in the evenings.

It is cheaper and healthier to make your own lunch instead of buying food during your lunch break. So, it is worth making an effort to make yourself a healthy lunch. If you do not have time during the day, make your lunch the night before - while you make supper. Leftover supper is one of the easiest and most nutritious lunches you can have. Just add a complex carbohydrate (like brown rice) and vegetables and you’re all set for a happy and productive afternoon.

Check out our post next Wednesday for a healthy lunch recipe.

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