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What is Candy Smart Pro? Candy Smart Pro dryer is the smart choice for saving time. Versatile, quick, and reliable, the Candy Smart Pro dryer offers a complete set of rapid cycles in less than 90 minutes to meet your daily needs.

With Candy, laundry is one less thing to worry about. The Tumble Dryer Range makes sure that your clothes come out perfectly clean, without wasting electricity or time. What’s more, our appliances are masterpieces of style, down to the smallest detail, as only an Italian-designed machine can be.

Reduce Waste The new range of Candy tumble dryers helps you to reduce waste. The smart sensors will stop the cycle automatically when the desired degree of dryness is reached saving you time and electricity.

Save Time and Electricity with Rapid Cycles Candy offers a complete set of rapid cycles from 30 to 90 minutes that are designed to meet your everyday drying needs. Versatile, quick, and reliable, this tumble dryer is the best solution for getting most of your time and money.

Reduce Ironing Time Candy tumble dryers reduce up to 80% of creases which saves you ironing time! The Easy Iron steam function uses smart sensors to detect the level of moisture and automatically adjusts the spin cycle to reduce creases. By activating this special function, the fibers of your garments will be more relaxed, just like you!

Treat Your Clothing With Care Candy’s tumble dryers will treat your woolen clothing with the utmost care. Simply set the wool program, approved by Woolmark, and the tumble dryer will carefully control the temperature and drum movement to limit friction amongst the garments and prevent pilling. Your clothing will last longer helping you to reduce waste.

A World of Connected Features Candy’s appliances are equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth compatibility. Use the Simply-Fi app to access a world of additional functions as well as tips&tricks to take better care of your garments, remote control, and check-ups.

Save electricity and time with Candy’s Tumble Dryer Range this Winter.

Read more about the Candy Connected Collection of appliances here

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