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At this time of the year we all look for ways to save money, so Liviya Nutrition and Fitness shared some of their cost-cutting healthy recipe hacks with us:

  • Cook leftovers in a pot on the stove with a tin or two of tomato and onion for a tasty and nutritious pasta sauce. Healthy, delicious and cost saving!

  • Have overripe or bruised bananas? Peel the bananas, break them up into chunks and store in the freezer in a resealable bag. Whizz the frozen bananas in a blender and eat as a healthy alternative to ice-cream. Alternatively, add other fruit to the frozen bananas and blitz to make smoothies.

  • Cook long grain parboiled white rice for longer than the recommended instruction time to create a rice similar to Arborio Risotto. Check out our post next Wednesday for our delicious low-cost Risotto recipe.

With Liviya Nutrition and Fitness as your wellness coach, you can now afford to live healthily.

Stay tuned for weekly #WellnessWednesay blogs with Liviya Nutrition and Fitness and follow them on Facebook and Instagram for daily inspiration.

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